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Cudgel War XVI registration

Registrants: Event details and prices are visible when you click on the event name tab above. You can also see a "Click here to register!" link there in the upper right corner. Enter your details and you will get a confirmation by e-mail.

Or, you can use the quick links in the bottom to get pre-defined services.

Event staff: Select the login link from the upper right and use the username/password given to you.

This is just a registration application, for the rest of the event information go to the Cudgel War web site.

April 12th: Choices for indoor sleeping have been taken down since we have run out of beds, especially during the middle of the week. If you need indoor sleeping space, please send a query to nuijasota@gmail.com to ask if it's available for your dates.

Quick links:

Adult (15+ years), camping, all week, all meals

Teen (7-14 years), camping, all week, all meals

Child (3-6 years), camping, all week, all meals

Adult (15+ years), camping, all week, no meals

There may be photography at the event. These photos may be used in marketing and informational material by the SCA affiliate Suomen keskiaikaseura ry or its member organisations. If you want to ensure photos of you or your children are not used in such a manner, please write an email to the event steward at nuijasota@gmail.com .

Information on personal data handling in English is available here.

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